On What Are The Best Audiobooks For A Road Trip?

alan rickman! Just last week I looked up what audiobooks he had done and it was just one, the one you recommended! But I did not buy it because I don't know, it sounded a little...thick. I'm there! French! now I will read the rest of the article. also, my friend says the audio version of The Passage Justin Cronin is great - I liked the print version quite a bit.

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On Chicken Mushroom Casserole For The Lazy Snob

I have to make a bargain with myself to go OUT because otherwise it is not happening.

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On How To Make A Dowager Countess Hat

you can get a Downton Abbey season pass RIGHT NOW on British iTunes. http://itunes.apple.com/gb/tv-season/downton-abbey-series-2/id465346656 £13.99.

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On Dear FBI Hottie Ali Soufan

sarah miller, you're the shiznit!

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On Why Yoga Can Be So Irritating (Although You Should Go Anyway!)

that's why I like Ashtanga, it cuts out a lot of the annoying factors. For some reason the patrons of Ashtanga don't do a lot of the stuff you describe, although Annoying Aspects are hella present in any other form of yoga except maybe Iyengar which is like, in a class of its own in every way. You didn't mention anything about annoying music. Probably my #1 pet peeve because just when all the other annoying factors have dissipated, and I've had like 20 seconds of peace, the teacher puts on some annoying music that puts me in that tailspin of: I shouldn't let the music bother me. The music is fine. Just ignore the music. I HATE THE MUSIC. Music and most other ANNOYING FACTORS are thankfully omitted in the ashtanga classes I have frequented.

On a side note, I loved your Salem piece so I bought your books and sent them to my 14 yr old daughter when she was at camp. She loved the Gideon one and now some other kid from camp bought it and is reading it. I am enjoying the Gideon one right now. Well done!

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On The Real Story Of The Salem Witch Trials

this story rocks. I ordered all your books.

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