On How Not to Let Your Small Child Pee in a Public Park

@Moff Is this Great Big Mystery Book? Pies were involved? The one where in the other book Sam Cat goes undercover as Sam Sack Of Potatoes?

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On How a Meme Becomes Myth

This is reminding me of when the press kept mentioning that the Oklahoma cannibal Kevin Underwood spent all of his time playing "online role-playing game Kingdom Of Loathing" until they actually looked at the game and realized it was just a bunch of stick figures drinking fruity cocktails.

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On Ask Polly: We Had The Best Sex Ever, But He Won't Be Mine!

Last paragraph. Wow. Can I go back in time and say that to my 24-year-old self?

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On Can You Trust A Crying Baby?

Thank you for saying this, Alex. I thought I was the only jerk.

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On The Weirdest Marriage Equality Signs On the Internet

Yeah, I'm not quite getting what is so bad about people plastering this up, and furthermore getting creative about it. It's a nice breather from all the heated arguments, and it's a sweet sentiment - corgis, TARDISes (TARDII?), Grumpy Cat, Black Flag, horses, The Lion King and all the other things we love support equal marriage rights.

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On Is San Francisco The Brooklyn To Silicon Valley's Unbuilt Manhattan?

@queensissy PS - I have no real dog in this fight. I've lived in LA for about 25 years.But damn if it wouldn't be nice to have a real city close by to hang out in when visiting my mom in SV...

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On Is San Francisco The Brooklyn To Silicon Valley's Unbuilt Manhattan?

@nevertooyoungtolearnaboutfreud But what about letting SF be SF and working on San Jose instead? It can never be Manhattan, but that downtown can and should be built up, and it's easily accessible by public transit to the rest of Silicon Valley. All the rich NIMBY cities on the Peninsula are always going to fight public transportation from that side up to SF. Why not go south?

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On Is San Francisco The Brooklyn To Silicon Valley's Unbuilt Manhattan?

DADO! I love your comment. Anyway, as a Sunnyvale native, I have to disagree with the "no bicycle and running and walking paths" in Silicon Valley. Seriously, where are you looking? Foothill Expressway and Central Expressway are both major thoroughfares with bike lanes, and most of Santa Clara, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Los Altos Hills, Palo Alto all have extensive bike pathways. Shoreline and tons of San Jose locations for walking paths.

And I hope you're not talking about razing all those neighborhoods full of Eichlers in order to build high-rise apartments, because them's fightin' words. Get off the 101 and try the 280 for a change.

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On Advice Is Futile

Bring back Ask A Pigeon, please!

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On Cambridge Scientists Prepare For War Against the Terminators

Wait - how did you get Siri to be polite? She's always very condescending to me.

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