On Mapping The Newest Old Map Of The World

This was lovely. Also, Grayson Perry's Map of Nowhere is a fascinating contemporary riff on the Hereford Mappa Mundi.

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On Saving Summer's Trashiest Cocktail: Make Way For The $21 Long Island Ice Tea

@Titania It is very good that I am the only person here right now, because I am howling with laughter and delight.

I really do work nearby. I get off work at 6. Let's do this!

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On Saving Summer's Trashiest Cocktail: Make Way For The $21 Long Island Ice Tea

@Brooklyn Battery I love(d) Mind Erasers!

I bet Bemelmann's does a fantastic Mind Eraser. Hmmm. I work nearby. I'm not a fan of the pianist (although he drowns out the sound of your drinking companions, so if you're out with a hedge-fund type that's usually a good thing.) Hmmm. Maybe I'll go after work and see how many men old enough to be my grandpa will hit on me? Who wants to come? Mind erasers, Long Island iced teas, and banana daiquiris for all!

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On Either Way, Media People Unpleasant

Poor Rory.

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On Don't Give The MTA That Metrocard Dollar!

The only advantage to the $1-for-the-new-card scam: fewer treacherous discarded Metrocards littering the station floors. Those fuckers are slippery! Like evil, vitaminless banana peels.

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On What Does The Odor Of Your Urine After You Eat Asparagus Say About You?

Oh joy. It's Spargelzeit!

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On Ask Polly: How Do I Stop Panicking And Crying Over The Slightest Criticism?

@doraleigh I totally cannot wait to get fitted for my caftan! (I'm 37: does that mean it's time! Whooooo! Although I have a soft spot in my heart, actually, for Hilo Hattie muumuus.)

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On Ask Polly: How Do I Stop Panicking And Crying Over The Slightest Criticism?

@JoJo by few@twitter Seconding you. Damn that was good, Polly. Oh, the lost puppies. The assholes. The stoners (oh, the stoners). My commitment-phobia, too. All of it.
And, JoJo by a few, I love the line about not feeling the need to impress anyone.

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On In the Future, All Publications Will Be Inside All Other Publications

Not on topic at all to the HuffPo versus Slate thing, but to the actual art on display at MoMA... it's not a special exhibition. It's just the way the permanent collection happens to be hung currently or, in artspeak, a rotation. It's the same room on the 4th floor where Johns/ Rauschenberg/ Twombly (sometimes) usually can be seen.

MoMA rotates the permanent collection fairly frequently: not everything, obviously, and it's usually subtle changes (a painting or two are swapped out), because they can. Stuff goes on loan, stuff goes to conservation, or a curator decides it's time to see something different. The room with Pollock, Newman, etc. on the 4th floor have been changed fairly frequently in the last year as well. And the current Johns/Rauschenberg thing has been tinkered with a few times since Canyon arrived.

So, yeah, I guess this is about HuffPo/Slate thing because it's has nothing at all to do with what is actually happening in the galleries.

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On Venture Capital's Massive, Terrible Idea For The Future Of College

@happymisanthrope Don't get me started on things like museum studies or non-profit administration degrees. If only starting salaries at a museum approached annual tuition of those MA programs.

Unrelatedly: a long time ago I decided I'd start donating to my undergrad college once my annual salary exceeds its current annual tuition. Still hasn't happened, and as someone in the arts who hasn't gotten a raise in years, that's looking increasingly unlikely.

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