On What A Wonderful Week—And Future!—For The 'New York Times'!

So the thesis of this argument is that the Times will profit because now it has a fraction of the data about a fraction of its users that Facebook collects? Maybe they are the 1%, but the 1% browse the rest of the web, too, I'll bet. And the aforementioned targeting ought to segment them, or it's simply not doing its job. The Post's fire sale is more confirmation, if you needed it, that a viewer is a viewer even if they happen to be looking at cat GIFs. But it's in real time, you say?! This changes everything, and thus, nothing.

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On Inside Maximum Fun's Podcasting Shindig In The Poconos

I started listening to My Brother, My Brother and Me a couple weeks ago. I think the bit about wanting some companionship is spot on. That's why I started listening.

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On Media Grinches of Hurricane Sandy: The Liars, The New York Post and Gawker

@Maura Johnston So we should rid the world of sharp objects and pointy things because some people can't handle that? Perhaps to some degree, but keep your hands off my kitchen drawer.

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