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On Blah Blah Valentine


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On ABC Making Me Go Cold Turkey On Krysten Ritter

You could watch Veronica Mars.

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On Arcades: What Were They?

When I turned 10, my (much) older brother took me to the arcade at the Seaview Square Mall and bought me $5 worth of tokens. It was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me.

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On The Question

@Hegel Hey! Those guys were in *Annapolis.* (Mr Tuck advised my senior essay, poor man.)

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On The Last of the New Jersey Tomatoes

@BadUncle Someone once wrote in the NYT (approximately): "I'd rather eat a pound of unwashed leek than a tomato sold in the NY area between November and June." But I will take Bry's word for it!

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On Conservatives Bravely Blame Everything, Especially Romney, For Romney's Loss

@whateverlolawants Let's see: socialism, Obamaphone, sheeple, lazy, entitled, Texas forever. Oh! And a district by district map of the results that is, omg!, *mostly red.* How can it be, he wonders, that there are these relatively small clusters of blue and huge swaths of red, but BHO still won???

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On Conservatives Bravely Blame Everything, Especially Romney, For Romney's Loss

The Legacy Lunatic I keep as a FB friend in order to (very occassionally) visit Greater Wingnuttia is *completely convinced* of a Romney victory tomorrow. Only 200 people show for Obama rallies! Tens of thousands show for Romney! Romney is up by 22 among independents! Romney's gonna get well over 300 evs! If/when that turns out not to be the case, it will be, no doubt, because of the mysterious and occult powers of Brown People. Or sharia. Or both.

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On David Mamet Reaches New Low

@James Mitchell Now please rhyme that with "tomfoolery."

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On Let's All Become Holograms With CNN And Dance Upon The Debate Stage Together

So I should begin preparatory drinking now. OK.

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On 'Strangeways, Here We Come' At 25

It is the best.
(Did you see them the previous summer at Pier 84? We all of us from those same Jewy Northeastern Suburbs did it seems.)

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