On The Man Who Makes Money Publishing Your Nude Pics

Funny how he failed to mention his affinity for also, from time to time, posting photo sets with the big, bold caption of "Herps Confirmed". Claiming people have herpes based simply on the word(s) of a jilted ex or friend or a poorly-photoshopped Valtrex medicine bottle with the name changed.

How he, just yesterday, asked his on-site followers whether or not he should post a photo of a now-deceased girl that was taken by someone at "a friend's house while the girl was drunk". With that logic, you're stupid for even drinking in front of people now!?!

How he has said in at least one past interview that if someone wanted something taken down, "all they had to do was ask" when he has proven time and again this is not the case.

How much of his "income" he snorts up his nose.

How he has asked his on-site followers with help paying his server bill. (See statement immediately before this one)

How he acts as if his drug issues and f***-anything-with-a-vagina-and-then-post-her-on-IAU days are in the past when they're still occurring.

I could go on for hours. The fact is the guy is taking a legal gray area and jumping on it just for the almighty dollar. He is a waste of skin and oxygen-use. I have zero doubt that his death will come at the hands of one of his (however indirect) victims and you'll be hard-pressed to distinguish the mourners from those cheering when that day comes. Sad, but true.

Slowing down to look at a serious car accident is legal too, but it takes a pretty damn pathetic person to pull over to do nothing but go through the proverbial pockets of the victims.

"It's just the Internet" right? Yeah? Well, it's real people with real lives and real consequences behind those screens. To allow this idiot to prosper doing what he's currently doing is legal but also gives way to basically saying, "You can never, ever, EVER take a nude photo for your significant other again".

Posted on November 12, 2011 at 4:19 am 0