On Ask Polly: My Parents Don't Want Me To Marry This Short Man And I'm Freaking Out!

ugh. really? Motorcyclists are "Suicidal"? Or somehow owning a motorcycle is a relationship red flag?
Why even give this girl advice, she needs to grow up and realize that a relationship isn't an accessory. This pairing will never work in the long run.

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On Greek-Style Orzo Casserole

The "glimpses of Baby Jude" thing always makes me think that she is estranged from her daughter and has no contact with her grandchild except through pictures posted to a blog...

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On Greek-Style Orzo Casserole

@LornaLoo I don't know...I used a Marble Cake Recipe from Martha for Valentines Day and it was pretty awesome http://www.marthastewart.com/339716/marble-cake (if a little heavy on the buttermilk)...On the other hand I have had her cookie recipes fail me miserably.

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On Is Impossible Pie Impossible?

I've never heard of "Impossible Pie" before, but it sounds a lot like a recipe for Clafouti (my favorite super easy dessert) If I ever have an oven again maybe I'll try it.

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On The No-Tears, No-Panic Thanksgiving Countdown Guide: Week 2

I'm sure this has been asked, but can we get a guide on how to deal with having to see our families on Thanksgiving? I don't cook, but still have to drive all over Kingdom Come to eat the damn sides because I can't even hope that anyone will remember I don't eat meat, and not drink anything nearly strong enough...

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On How Much More Does A Steak Dinner Cost Today?

@NFK and tri-color carrots! Maybe a "foam"...?

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