On The Unavoidable Louise Mensch

goddamn i love these posts. you will never write enough of these to sate me, Ms. Garman. More, i need MOOOOORE.

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On The Unavoidable Louise Mensch

@LondonLee I know absolutely nothing about this woman aside from what I have just read, and had never heard her name before, but I also found myself admiring her a little at the end of this. At least she's intelligent, which is something we can rarely say about our ubiquitous celebrities on this side of the Atlantic.

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On Authentic (Possibly Racist) Natchez Cheese Grits Casserole

This casserole is the #1 reason I'm marrying my Texan fiance, so that I can make his aunt make it for me every time we visit Texas. I know women who have stockpiled the garlic velveeta, because nothing can quite replicate its flavor in this dish (which my Texans call "spoon bread"). God, it is so. Fucking. Good. Basically the best grits you've ever had. I cannot recommend this too highly.

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On Buying The Bottom Shelf: An Adventure In Cheap Liquor

@melis Zing! still got it.

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On A Treasury of the World's Worst Online Dating Stories

"At the time he owned no dogs at all." For whatever reason, this was the one that made it impossible not to LOL in my cube. I'm not totally convinced that these weren't all drafted by Melis.
Saving the rest of this for the bus, where laughing alone is a useful strategy for keeping the neighboring seat empty.

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On The Man Who Makes Money Publishing Your Nude Pics

@eggplant while it is totally reasonable to expect that someone should request that photos be deleted if taken of incriminating acts if s/he doesn't want a permanent record of those acts to exist, it's also unreasonable to assume that the photographed individual can control whether or not those records are actually destroyed. It's not hard to make it look as though a photo is deleted, especially if you're tipsy in a bar. is the lesson we're to learn, "never drink publicly"?

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On The Man Who Makes Money Publishing Your Nude Pics

@Chloe H@twitter that does seem a little bit CYA of him--especially since the demo to which this sort of thing most appeals is young adolescents who don't have the ability to imagine what life will be like for them in 10 years when their prospective employer can easily find nude pictures of them on the internet. It is not hard for me to imagine myself making that sort of stupid decision when i was that age out of sheer loneliness/insecurity, but thankfully, I'm too old to have had the chance.

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