On Man Struck By Bike

@mushr00m Though I'm not in New York (Chicago, in fact), I can't count how many times I've had to swerve out of the bike lane because some oblivious dipshit is trying to hail a cab directly inside the painted white lines indicating my right of way. My boyfriend's gotten in two accidents in the past year (both of which he was the only one hurt) having to avoid people walking out into the bike lane, very suddenly, in spite of his light and - again - well-marked bike lanes.

I am often a pedestrian and far more sympathetic to the plight of pedestrians than most, but people are absolute morons. Stopping a bike isn't always a quick process, and trying to do so lest I physically injure another human being is VERY stressful and also risks my well-being. Ugh. Please, everyone, no matter your method of transport, just fucking look around you.

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On The Five Most Important Things This Week

The Crutchfield sisters make all of the best music. And with so many feelings.

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On Local Twitter Slang, And All That Jawn

Some of my favorite Philly slang is "tryna" (referring to attempts at getting another person into bed) and "yahmean" (used in the same context as "nahmean.")

And of course, DC/DMV will never back off "bama," despite cries of racism/classism/etc. Bless their hearts.

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On Inside New York City's "Cooling Centers"

I spent Saturday in a Brooklyn apartment with no air conditioning and 11 other people, and almost died. Why didn't anyone tell me about these cooling centers!

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On Harry Potter and the Deathly Epilogue

The epilogue is even worse in the book than the movie, I think. At least in the movie, you can pretend that Hermione goes on to do something befitting her intelligence and strength - like, ooh, maybe she's the Minister of Magic! or Headmistress of Hogwarts! or even maybe owns her own book shop! Instead, if memory serves, she's some sort of middle-manager at the Ministry of Magic.


(I've clearly been mad about this since the book was released.)

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