On We Must Go Back in Time to Prevent the Awful Season Finale of 'Doctor Who'

@jfruh i watched the entire first season of torchwood without knowing it was supposed to be terrible. it was so disappointing i almost felt a teensy bit violated by its shittiness. since then i've spent a lot of time reading stuff online to try to process my experience and come to terms with it. from all i've read, children of earth is generally considered the only redeeming torchwood series (and actually received quite a few rave revies), with only maybe one or two other episodes among the non-children series being better than shitty. ugh, so terrible, and such a terrible waste of time.

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On Hüsker Dü, 1983-1987

@Clarence Rosario in case you haven't seen this yet:

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On Hüsker Dü, 1983-1987

@s. i know it makes me super lame, but my own personal list would include semisonic at a pretty high rank. it's probably also a function of my relative youth - feeling strangely fine was released when i was in 8th grade, which was the perfect time/age to appreciate that. and great divide is a nice little collection of pop songs!

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On 16th-Century Friend Books as Social Networking, or, At Least, Status-Gathering

and this one: http://www.kb.nl/galerie/alba/menu8-pics.html

"good wine, pretty girls, and good meat; hanged be he who asks for more." and again, it rhymes in french.

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On 16th-Century Friend Books as Social Networking, or, At Least, Status-Gathering

oh my god, i LOVE this. here's some some translation. the top left corner: "my hope in god and the lady, one for the body, and the other for the soul." except that it rhymes in french... so with some translational license, "my hope rests in a lady and in god, one for the soul, one for the bod."

and in the upper right, "it's a natural thing to sleep with a young lady," but again it rhymes in french.

and holy shit, i'm pissed i remember so little those four years of latin. otherwise i could maybe string together a translation of the stuff at the bottom.

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On Predictable Thing Happens To Product With "Funny" Name

the real life sweetums?

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On Playing Well With Drugs: An Interview With Eddie Einbinder

i agree with almost all of what the interviewee said, but yeah. re: the violence - i don't think it's TOO much of a stretch to compare some drugs with blood diamonds, right? with the caveat, of course, that they're different kinds of goods - one derives its value from consumption, the other from possession.

and, of course, legalization would get rid of a lot of the violence problems.

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On Outdoor Bike Trips In Every Direction from New York City

just in time for 30 days of biking!


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On 'The Social Network' Is a Pack of Lies That Conveys Nothing About Our Time

LIKE! my enjoyment of the film can probably be accounted thus: 25% from the snappy dialogue, 25% from the dark atmosphere (evoked by the both the score and the photography), 25% from the acting, 25% from watching andrew garfield's hair. his hair is SO GREAT! some people look great bald, but i hope andrew garfield never loses those luscious locks.

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On All the Lady-Movies Now Are About Sluts!

romany malco or gael garcia bernal? and... GO!

for me: romany malco, hands down.

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