On Snuck Into National Book Awards

I'm happy to be a fangirl, because every single time I read these pieces, I feel like I've been given a little piece of the author's soul. Like he's voluntarily dropping word horcruxes around the internet, and the more I read, the stronger I feel, knowing that there's still humanity in the world. I love reading this young man (I can say that because i'm turning old on saturday) so much!

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On I Saw Something Sad

Maybe the cat jumped out and she just didn't notice.

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On The Mainstream Media and the Fight Against Communists and Social Security, 1936 Edition

If only Nate Silver and his incredibly accurate polling aggregation didn't exist....

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On So What's Shirley Sherrod's Grounds for a Suit?

Really though, has SCOTUS commented on editing as a form of speech? Because that would be an interesting issue.

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On So What's Shirley Sherrod's Grounds for a Suit?

If I remember law school correctly, Sherrod probably falls under the category of "limited-purpose public figure." I think this means that malice would have to be shown for defamation related to whatever she's a "public figure" for.

Nevertheless, assuming that Sherrod sues for defamation, the real question here will be whether editing counts as "speech." Since Sherrod was the person who actulally made the statements used against her, Brietbart's defense is pretty much "I didn't say anything. I can't be guilty of defamation, because I didn't make a statement. I just exposed something that existed."

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On Things You See in the Subway

Living in Chicago, we don't have real subways, but every morning this guy and his dog hang out at one of the busier corners and panhandle. A few years ago, someone stole his dog. It took a few weeks, but the dog was returned. This reminds me of that.


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On Bros Icing Bros And The Fate Of Humanity: A Look Back

My grandmother always said that Michigan was probably the best place to live if you wanted to survive the apocolypse, with all the freshwater and such.

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On When Grown Men Cry

Having watched this video repeatedly, it still makes me weepy. However, it's amazing that two grown men acting like adults is so rare that it's nationally recognized and celebrated as the 'good news' of the day.

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On Many of Your Favorite Bloggers are Fake

it's more like women just don't understand that we're just not that into them?

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On Many of Your Favorite Bloggers are Fake

I don't know this for sure, but it seems to be a process for women in general to kind of mature this way. When I was in college, my girlfriends and I would discuss every. single. detail. of whatever event warranted such microspection. As I've meandered through my 20's each little detail means less, and so as I've changed so has my writing.

Maybe what is happening in this trend you've noticed (and I kind of thought the same thing) is less the writers saying "THAT'S TOTALLY NOT ME!" and more "That's not really all of me now," because that's precisely what happened. These women gained more experience, see the world a little differently and don't want to be understood only as the women they were 5 years ago.

And of course I'm just conjecturing here, but I agree with you, MisterHippity, insofar as it doesn't seem to me that male writers really go into the amount of detail that women do. So maybe the reason it seems like only women come back and say 'this isn't exactly who I am,' is actually truth. Maybe Moe, et. al., have been presumed to be the embodiment of the details they previously provided their audience for so long that they're only saying "There's more to me than the words I wrote X years ago." And maybe the men don't have to do that because the men never said "THIS is who I am," or "THIS is what I believe always" in the same way the women did?

Or something like that?

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