On Jerry Springer's "Baggage" Is The Greatest TV Show Ever

Forget baggage- what about the size of their package?

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On When Bears Attack

The "Related" stories on that pages have given me nightmare fodder for months.

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On A 'Sex And The City 2' Review By Two Actual Straight Men

ugh. didn't realize that review was already linked and quoted. on the main page:(

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On A 'Sex And The City 2' Review By Two Actual Straight Men

my favorite so far... http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/burkas-and-birkins/Content?oid=4132715

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On Graphic Imagery, With Dan Kois: Three Comics to Make You Fall in Love with Comics

Please oh please will you cover the underground sex/drug comiCS of the '60s-'80s? My world changed forever when I (at 7) discovered my dad's ZAP Comix and Cherry Poptart stash tucked behind the Frank Millers...

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On New Old Video Footage: Jeff Mangum, "Two Headed Boy"

Thank god for this. It is the only thing that appeases my sorrow about the fact that The Road will not be released in Australia until JANUARY 28th!

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On Stop Being a Wuss: How To Make Pie Crusts the Easy Way

my nana says the key is lard. she even specified that en espanol it is called manteca so I wouldn't have trouble finding it in a los angeleno supermarket.

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On The Awl Voter Guide for November 3, 2009

I love my AJWS emails from Ruth Messinger! Whenever I feel like alone looking at my empty inbox she comes through and asks for money!

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On Footnotes of Mad Men: Misfits, Horse Meat and Clark Gable

Though I wanted all Betty/Don all the time the other night, I was glad to have a bit more Roger- I've really missed him and his and Don's destroyed relationship makes me sad. Side anecdote: when I lived in LA I managed a little West Hollywood cafe that was always in danger of failing (not my fault!) and Slattery was a daily customer. He was always really nice and we reminisced often about our east coast backgrounds. When Mad Men premiered I was shocked to see my regular customer on the screen- I'd had no idea he was an actor. The next morning I told him how impressed I was and congratulated him on the new show. He was very humble and grateful and it still me makes me smile that he responded "Well, let's just hope you weren't the only one."

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On Fight Breast Cancer, Drink Wine... Get Breast Cancer

This Barbara Ehrenreich interview about her new book on the problems with optimism has some great stuff about the pink ribbon insanity: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=113758696

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