you. do. not. know. me.

On Escape Artist Tells All

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On Get Ready For "Fuck You, Dog" Magazine

i'm hoping to launch a website to help you realize your goal. it will be call it cockstarter.

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On How To Desensitize Teen Boys

the only thing that stops a bad guy with a video game controller is a good guy with a video game controller.

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On Christopher Dorner Crime Tourism: Big Bear, LA's Mountain Getaway

inter-dimensional werewolves are real goddammit!

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On Up Next In Scandinavian Crime Fiction

women drivers...whacha gonna do?

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On Evil Hamburger Clown Giving British Kids Books Instead Of Toys

i wonder what book they will give away.

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On Are Women The New Problem Drinkers, Because They Are Lady Binge-Drinkers?

is there such a thing as a non-rum daiquiri?

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On "Baby Jesus Stolen" Nativity News Watch 2012

sure, why the hell not?

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On "Baby Jesus Stolen" Nativity News Watch 2012

mark 16:6

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On Happy Deceit Day

my baby is smart dammit!

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