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On Iain (M.) Banks, 1954-2013

How delightful to see that Choire is a fan of Iain M. Banks! I always seet The Culture as actually being a form of aristocracy where the only the Minds "born" are really able to have any political, military, or economic power. It is an extremely benevolent aristocracy, though.

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On January Without Alcohol: Two Thirsty People Explain

My friends who do this call it "Januwagon" which I think is pretty kicky.

My birthday is in January, so, Januwagon pisses me off to no end when my friends won't join in a black-out pub crawl. Grrrrrr.

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On Someone Watched "Wall Street" So You Don't Have To

He looks v. yummy in photos, but in real life looks way too thin and gawky. Maybe if he gets a muscly super-hero role and packs on some beef, he might be more attractive.

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On Kid Cudi On Cocaine

If only Sylvia Plath had written "The Blow Jar"

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On The Dumpling Effect: The Trouble with Coolhunting your Dinner

I think you have some interesting points in you general argument about how cool is created and will, seemingly, eat itself soon.

But, wwhat will the post-cool landscape look like? - feels like pseudoanthropological anxiety.

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On Who is the Greatest Diva of the Last 25 Years? We Offer Scientific Proof!

This should be submitted for the "Greatest Awl Article of the Last 25 Years."

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On Cars, Emergency Rooms Kill White People A Lot Less

I would have to say that perhaps part of this is due to the fact that minorities may engage in jaywalking activities far more than non-minorities.

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On We're Winning for Jesus Against Big Government and Socialist Firefighters!

I think all fire fighting should be handled by churches. Especially Christian Scientist churches who, rather than applying water to a burning home, pray that the building stop burning, since building combustion is just a wicked illusion.

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On The Second Worst Supergroup Of All Time

So, the English altnertive/dance supergroup 'Electronic' does not merit a mention on either list???

Electronic combined members, at various times, from New Order, the Smiths, ABC, the Doves, Pet Shop Boys and Kraftwerk, for pete's sake!

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On Fat Lazy Americanized Butterstick Being Rehabbed in China

God, America sucks at EVERYTHING now. We even screw up the pandas and have to offload them to China for improvment. 我会搬到中国。

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