On How the Other Half Condos

@ls The no water will fuck the Central Valley and SF before it affects us, though. We get all our water from the Colorado River.

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On Sundays Are Killing Us And They Must Be Stopped

@Rebecca Schoenkopf Men are legally barred from reading Jane Austen.

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On What Do TV Shows Want To Be When They Grow Up?

Part of this is that Fargo lends itself well to the things that Prestige Television care about - that is, white men who commit violence and, sometimes, their wives. We could imagine Pulp Fiction doing it, but probably not Shawshank. Point Break for sure.

I'll tell you what I want, though: the teevee adaptation of Karate Kid.

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On Why Do People Do It In The Women's Room?

@antarctica starts here *tie rolls up and back down, collar flips up, top hat begins spinning like a plane's propellor*

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On Why Do People Do It In The Women's Room?

@stuffisthings And now I feel like they've basically covered it. We can close the book on THAT city.

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On We Can't Spend Ourselves Rich Anymore

"I don’t see how you can understand our current unhappy economic state without some sort of Marx-inspired analysis."

And that's when I hit close tab.

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On Raymond Chandler, In Order

Lady in the Lake below Big Sleep? You're a monster and a cretin. Only one of these books ends with a CAR CRASH at a DAM under GUARD AGAINST THE AXIS, Balk, and it's not The Big Sleep.

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On Key Perplexing

"It may seem trivial, and that's because it is" should be written on a post it note and stuck to the top of every tab.

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On Oh Man, 'True Detective,' Right?

@IBentMyWookie The really weird thing is how much I'm enjoying Helix, which is far worse written.

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On Oh Man, 'True Detective,' Right?

Absolutely true. Or put another way: The writing wasn't that good. The camerawork, acting, and music all were.

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