On Architecture In Helsinki, "Dream A Little Crazy"

I'm getting an extremely strong Midnite Vultures vibe here.

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On My Dark Night Of The Sole

@stuffisthings You can wear through the leather soles a lot faster the ground's wet; some people go in for wet weather shoes with Dainite soles or whatever. I've had soles resoled, and though the rubber is cheap and effective, it's not something I'd wanna do with my best shoes.

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On Duck Out For A Drink This Friday

@Setec Astrology Yeah, I kinda feel like this holiday should move to, like, Wednesday or something if the day falls on a weekend. Friday in August is already pretty decent!

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On List Mocks Your Maturity

@DoctorDisaster If you're a Telegraph reader...

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On Fine, Kids, Call Your Mom Five Times a Day!

@faience This sounds so much like me I had to check I didn't black out earlier and write it.

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On Let's Bomb the Falklands!

@jfruh Apparently (ie. I read in this article the other day: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/jan/28/falkland-islands-belong-argentina) a number of Argentinians are only now discovering the islanders eat chips, drink warm beer, and watch the BBC. IT seems there's been a long-standing idea that they were at least in some way culturally tied to Argentina, which might explain a lot. That said, I have a hard time believing that people knew that little about the place...

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On Sport of Tennis Permanently Concluded

@Bobby Womack I can sort of see it with Nadal, but Djokovic really doesn't look the steroid sort; he's really very lean, as is Murray. I guess what I'm saying is that my superficial assessment of steroids based on looks disagrees with your assessment based on endurance.

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On An Analysis of the Thomas Kinkade Calendar for January

@Steven Austen@facebook

I am signing all of my emails this weekend 'God bless, The Bionicman', if that's alright.

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On 'Clan Of The Cave Bear': Neanderthal Fan Fic

@mrschem AKA the Lucky Jim stance of: 'thank God for the twentieth century'. One thing Amis got right is I don't think anyone with sense who's studied the middle ages, say, would want to live there.

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On Name That Los Angeles Neighborhood!

Google maps makes some odd decisions. Anything in the London Borough of Camden appears as being in Camden Town (which is an area within Camden), so you get designations like Bloomsbury Square, Camden Town, which is like saying Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights.

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