On Fries, In Order

the face of gutty?

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On Click Here To Go To Video To Click On To Watch To Learn That You Should Be Doing Something Else

ditto on THE DANG. i live for the alt texts.

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On Dear Shrewsbury, New Jersey Board of Education


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On Perfect Tarte Tatin in 10 Easy Steps


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On Lazy Whale Shark Uses Fishing Net Like "Gogurt" Tube

"did you know that gogurt is just yogurt?"

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On The 40-Year-Old Reversion

hey guys! am i late? i brought a bundt... oh.

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On Morrissey Happy

@melis I am human...

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On Morrissey Happy

heaven knows he's miserable now. (come on, people!)

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On Michael Fassbender Does An Excellent Robot

@My Number Is My Address bite my shiny metal etc.

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