On Life So Awful Now People Pine For The Era Of Billy Squier, Joysticks, 'Scarecrow And Mrs. King'

Oh, the 80s were just GREAT. Double-digit interest rates, another housing bubble/bust, balloon mortgages, the Reagan Recession, the Farm Crisis, the first Gulf War. Those of us in or just out of college faced a seemingly hopeless future: massive student debt and no jobs for graduates. Hugely overpriced houses and unaffordable lending rates. The economy in a tailspin. It looked like we'd never have decent jobs, never pay our debts, never be able to afford to own a home of our own. We bitterly resented all the 50+ people who had jobs, wishing they'd just hurry up and retire so we could get hired.

Sound familiar?

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On 'Stranger In A Strange Land': Can You Grok That?

@brilliantmistake I believe it was Alexei Panshin in his book 'Heinlein in Dimension' who perfectly described Heinlein's idealized female character as "a liberated woman who knows her place".

That, in a nutshell, is the major problem with reading anything by the asshat Heinlein. If you're a woman possessing a modicum of brains or self respect, you will find yourself deeply, deeply offended every few pages. But if you want to read something REALLY offensive by Heinlein, try 'Farnham's Freehold'. Actually, don't. It's so incredibly racist, you'll fling it into the trash where it belongs in short order.

The weird thing is, Heinlein's abrupt turn from liberal to hard right was due to the influence his third wife had over him. She was the big conservative, and he was so in love with her that her political views became his in short order. He claimed to have modeled his later idealized female characters mostly upon her, too. Personally, I have always found his female characters to be so unbelievable as to indicate the man had zero insight into what being female is about.

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On How Hard Can You Helicopter Parent?

Back when I worked retail, we had a furious mother call the store manager and blame him for the fact that her daughter had been caught shoplifting at the store. According to the mom, if the employees had been watching her daughter, her daughter would never have tried to steal anything.

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On 32 YouTube Comments Inspired by Bobby Goldsboro’s “Honey”

Keith Richards in his autobiography gives a nod to Bobby Goldsboro for teaching him a particular guitar lick that he'd been trying for years to figure out.

Goldsboro had a 70s hit with "Summer - The First Time" which recounted a teenage boy losing his virginity to an older woman.

Goldsboro lost a custody fight for his youngest daughter back in the early 80s because his older daughter and one of her friends alleged he'd molested them (he said he pulled down the girl's pants only to check for poison ivy) and because he possessed child pornography (it was stored in a cabinet in his studio, but he said it belonged to another guy he refused to name).

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On Man Drinks From Jar

This is the canning jar I'd use it with - it has a handle:


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On The Rise Of The Blind Gossip Item

Anyone who's ever run a site covering one or more celebrities can attest that all kinds of people are perfectly happy to share first-hand gossip about these people. I had sites that focused on two different celebs years ago, and got a steady stream of unsolicited submissions. I never shared what I was told unless I could get at least one other source to corroborate it, but there were a good many hair-raising stories that did see print. The most amusing part of my hobby was the sound and fury emanating from the celebs and their fans, who hated my guts and were convinced that I had to be some sort of Hollywood insider and/or personal acquaintance of these people. Nothing could have been farther from the truth.

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On Top Eleven Dumb Songs to Sing to Cats

There's a little black cat in the sun today...

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On I Can Not Believe That Story About Pig Wings In Today's Dining Section

Oh boy, yet another processed food product I'm gonna have to pick up next time I hit Apperts. Their retail outlet is like Restaurant Purgatory: where chain restaurant prefabricated menu items reside before they're sold and eaten.
Honestly, it's simultaneously horrifying and appetizing.

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On Your Weekend Project: Ooey Gooey Maple Blondies

Maple flavoring = fenugreek, for those who might find it under that name. When I was growing up, we got cans of corn syrup along with our government cheese. We'd buy a bottle of maple flavoring and stir it into the corn syrup. Maple syrup for the poors. Of course nowadays that's marketed as pancake syrup for everyone.

And Jolie, if you adore maple, you should try some of The Spice House's Gateway to the North Maple Sugar Seasoning. "..mixed with garlic and other savory flavors for an unbeatable balance of sweet and salty." It's very good. www.thespicehouse.com

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On We Are One Step Closer To Achieving The Dream Of Losing Weight While Sitting Around

We need to pair that with a drug that suppresses feelings of hunger with no side effects. The problem with keeping weight off is that the body is constantly nagging with frantic "I'm hungry!" messages. The constant sense of hunger is too hard to perpetually resist, so people eventually give in and eat more. Which is why weight loss has a better than 90% failure rate over the long term.

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