On Was David Mamet Ever Really A Liberal Anyway?

This gives Mamet WAY to much credit to say the least. It also ignores the little story of his book and film "Oleanna" a response to the Clarence Thomas hearings that suggests any feminist bigmouth needs a sharp smack in the mouth. In the book Mamet refers to "Glengarry Glen Ross" as an "early play", but by then he was already a very famous and wealthy man. True, he had just worked through an expensive divorce and turned in wife # 1 for a younger model, but that's a trait he shares with many of the most vicious critics of Bill Clinton's marriage. Some years back Mamet was asked by Playboy in "Glengarry" was a critique of capitalism and he acted like he didn't know what they were talking about.
The conversion is frequently a sort of holy rite of the supposedly born again conservative (generally a rich guy who hates his new taxes), but "The Secret Knowledge takes this to new (and rather hilarious) extremes of fraud. Most of Mamet's good stuff is foul mouthed Pinter copy anyway.

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