On A Handy Test for Reddit Users: Are You on the Internet Right Now?

I see the word "Netscape" on my screen. Am I on the Internet?

Posted on October 11, 2012 at 12:32 pm 1

On Pulp, "Common People"

I'm going to be there tonight. I've had a nervous tummy all day. That's how excited I am for this show.

Posted on April 10, 2012 at 2:12 pm 0

On Some Thoughts On B-Sides

Oasis has better b-sides than a-sides (Definitely Maybe and What's The Story... notwithstanding). That always drove me crazy.

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On A Conspiracy of Hogs: The McRib as Arbitrage

@HiredGoons I hadn't thought of this, but now I'm going to make myself eat 3 for lunch.

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On Three Rotten Classic Books I Never Want to See Again

Grapes of Wrath. Oh man, the fucking Grapes of Wrath. I mean, I get it, but alternating chapters about the actual plot with metaphorical chapters is just belaboring the point. It would have been better to write "It was really hot, and dusty, and a big family spent weeks trying to get to California WITHOUT AIR CONDITIONING!" There, done.

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On Eating Out At Four Of TV's Best-Known Restaurants

@becky@twitter My life is a lie.

Posted on June 27, 2011 at 2:54 pm 1

On Eating Out At Four Of TV's Best-Known Restaurants

Wait, I thought "Tom's Diner" was based on Tom's in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn (on Washington Ave.). No?

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On The State Of Our National Pizza Conversation

Picturing Rex naked is still somehow not as bad as actually seeing Brett Favre's penis. Though I'm not sure why.

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On CES: Shiny Things To Actually Want

Can't type...crying.

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On CES: Shiny Things To Actually Want

I was thinking about what the world was like when I was a little kid, where records were for music and there were 3 networks and a couple independent TV stations that went off the air after Carson and they actually played the National Anthem to sign off for the night. And fancy cars had a tape deck but there was nothing digital in them. And stuff. And because I recently found out that I'm going to have a kid in 2011, I started thinking what tech would look like when he/she is my age, and it scared me.

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