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On Obama Campaign Revised Strategy: Massive Amounts Of Caffeine

Considering how anemic he was, POTUS must have a very heavy menstrual flow.

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On The 40-Year-Old Reversion

@Anonymous Anonimity@twitter I posit that this is just a hyperbolic essay meant to garner a lot of noise, which it has, so in that way it's successful. I live in or nearabouts this supposed world she's describing, and this piece doesn't ring remotely true.

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On The 40-Year-Old Reversion

This doesn't ring even remotely true, and I'm a Classic Park Slope Mom in good standing, who fills the birthday-party pinata with the worst kind of candy, probably made in China, then makes up for it (or so she thinks) by giving toothbrushes from the Coop in the goodie bag which is actually a reusable muslin drawstring sack.
Ya gotta say this for Amy Sohn, she sure sounds like she's trying hard, trying real hard. Whine O'Clock is a good line, but I doubt she wrote it.

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On Newly Hip Sandwich Spread, Refusing To Be Uncool, Wins Praise

Any commercial filmed from the perspective of the inside of a fridge is a good commercial.

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