On The Golden Age Of Dirty Talk

@gabba_gabba_hey, I appreciate your point about the printing explosion, but still. I run a piddly website that few people visit, but I still put forward my best effort when I *publish* something. I put less effort into my tweets and comments, and even less into my emails. My instant messages? Fugetaboutit. I've never sexted, but in that situation, I'm guessing I would be be even less concerned about word choice.

If virtually everyone in the 17th century could write, and felt free to write as they talked, and had the means to publish whatever they wanted, then this article would never have been written.

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On The Golden Age Of Dirty Talk

Very enjoyable article, but no fair comparing internet scrawls to proper writing of a previous age. For one thing, a lot more people know how to write (terribly) now. For another, there are a lot more outlets for (terrible) casual writing.

I'd like to think Weiner would have done better if he had known the world would be reading those sexts. And if he weren't typing with one hand.

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