On Hotels Are People Too

This is supremely FUCKED UP.

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On Why My Baby Doesn't Eat Animals

@Lily Hudson@facebook That really bugged me, too.

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On A Portrait of the Alt-Bro as a Young Dumbass

@City_Dater Yepppp, I had that same thought a second before I read your comment.

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On An Hour Of Relaxing Music

Please keep adding to this, it's wonderful!

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On Don't Trust Anyone To Tell You What Time It Is

(Nooooooo that Buffy episode scares the shit out of me!)

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On The Year In Internet Outrage

"Belly up to the nut bar"
Best phrase I've read in ages.

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On How to Win the Nobel Prize in Literature

Ohhhh this totally made my night. Thank you, Jim Berhle. Thank you.

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On Oregon Burger Chain Apparently Trying To Discourage Customers From Overindulging

This post makes me a little bit homesick and a lot hungry.

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On Wow You Guys All Went To Lunch at the Same Time?

@ReginalTSquirge SHHH!!! Don't tell them our secret. Let Burgerville remain sacred.

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On The Food Junket Report: Burger King Unveils its New Broiler to Food Snobs

FOR REALS. I love Adblock Plus!

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