On A Midseason Tally: Who's Up, Who's Down

Naturally a Kentucky native would not want to mention an Indiana team that beat both #1 Kentucky and #2 Ohio State (plus NC State and Notre Dame) and are 13-1 so far -- after coming into the season unranked and following a couple of losing seasons. Much less impressive than beating a lot of unranked small-conference teams.

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On "Reamde" and Why

I'm a big fan of Stephenson and I was really pretty unhappy with this book. I read his work because it is clever and insightful and makes me think about big ideas, but the MMORPG stuff never really got developed and the terrorist bit felt like a huge tacked on detour. And that ending where every loose end is tied up in a pretty holiday bow is just juvenile.

As it happens I wrote a rant/review about the book just yesterday.

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