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On Scott Walker Goes Shooting For The Presidency

Clicked on this thinking it was about the other Scott Walker


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On Polar Bear Baby Cute

Hopefully this cute lil guy leads a better life than Knut.

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On Bach Keyboard Concertos, In Order

No Rosalyn Tureck???

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On Columnist Indelicate

@barnhouse I guess it's about Op-Ed writing as a kind of performance, where the writer plays a character. Paul Krugman's wife, for instance, is known to edit his columns to make them "less dry, less abstract, angrier."

Also David Brooks's columns all go like this: "Reasonable assumption, reasonable assumption, reasonable assumption, shockingly retrograde assumption, conservative conclusion that doesn't seem all that crazy compared with that last assumption, but is actually insane."

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On Hard-Packed Ice Cream Or Soft-Serve?

@cherrispryte Have you ever tried Tofutti Cuties? I love 'em and I'm not even lactose-intolerant. Ice cream they're not, but they stack up nicely against your average ice cream sandwich.

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On I Have Thoughts About Commenting Systems!

Yeah, please don't make us link up with Facebook. Disqus looks fine, I don't care about losing commenter numbers (obviously, since mine is so high), but can you keep the alternating thread colors? Makes it easier for those who have trouble following indents (me, I mean me, it's all about me).

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On Customer Reviews For The Mother Casket From Costco.com, $949.00 (Plus Shipping And Handling)

@City_Dater Clicked through to satisfy my curiosity-- it's 18-gauge steel, and it's not the cheapest 18-gauge steel casket you can find on the Internet. Wonder what the funeral home markup would be on this beauty?

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On Customer Reviews For The Mother Casket From Costco.com, $949.00 (Plus Shipping And Handling)

That is an astonishingly good price for a casket! Is it made of particleboard or something?

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On What Books Make You Cringe To Remember?

1) The Unbearable Lightness of Being
2) a collection of Irish Catholic mystical poetry

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