On Our National Box Office Nightmare

@Niko Bellic I'm not sure what you mean by "purposely made not to divide." The audience of most big-budget Hollywood action movies is divided very clearly by gender - the target 18-35 year-old male audience comes out to see them, and women in the same demographic mostly don't. So the story goes, you have to make movies for, and starring, young guys, because young guys won't see movies about women, and women only want to see movies about weddings. This is weak and lazy logic, as the success of the Hunger Games movies proves. I know that's not exactly the point of the (excellent, I thought) article, but it's just silly to say Hollywood action movies are the way they are because "everybody" likes it that way.

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On Jessica Simpson's Lost Dog

Daisy recently attended the VMA Awards with Perez Hilton.

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