On The Case Against Saying Anything At All

okay, this is funny

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On Let's Make Thanksgiving Better

Alternatively: Canadian Thanksgiving.

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On An Intro To Rebel Hip-Hop Of The Arab Revolutions

I have been trying to find a primer on Arabic rap music forever! (So interested but so not that advanced in Arabic yet). Thank you!

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On The Boring Catchphrase That's Taking Hip-Hop By Storm And Ruining Everything

@Anarcissie Come on, rappers! Listen to what the middle-aged white man is telling you is cool.

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On Because Whence?

I saw it on Wonkette first.

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On Foursquare, Again

@stuffisthings How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Talking about French Toast

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On Culinary Mendacity Ends Here

@melis Omg thank you. Risotto is the oatmeal of rice.

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On Congressman Endorses Kutcher

"Despite of"

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On Here Are Five Random People I Follow On Twitter

Twitter jokes are always so desperate and sad.

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On James Frey Explains Himself

@SeaBassTian Yes! Even with these quotes I just find him really likeable.

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