On What We Need Now Is A New "Big Momma" Movie

Yeah, except Mrs. Doubtfire doesn't show up once or twice a year to make you feel ashamed that you liked it the first time.

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On What We Need Now Is A New "Big Momma" Movie

JESUS CHRIST! Seriously?! Shit! Shit. Shit. Shitty. Shit!

This is why I hate Tyler Perry. This trend of BS black guy dresses up like fat old black woman and everybody laughs was dying out. Then TP comes along and brings it back. Now, we get two of these movies a year. I can't defend this crap anymore. We used to have black guys in real comedies (you know the kind that are actually funny). Now we've got Big Mommas and Grownups. It's enough to make me want to turn in my Black People card. Maybe I'll sell it on e-bay.

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On In Defense of the Season Finale of "Mad Men"

I'm giving Don the benefit of the doubt on Megan. They set it up as him trying hard to not sleep with this girl (at least hard for Don). He stammered through a few "We shouldn't do this"'s before jumping her bones. He stared from afar without making a slick quip and trying to get her panties off (something he did try with Faye more than once). So maybe, when he really looks at her, he feels something he hasn't before. Not love, necessarily. I don't know if Don can love. But maybe admiration and a recognition of the youthful drive and optimism he once had when he became Don, but has been losing ever since. He did say Megan reminded him of Peggy, who, if nothing else, is the only woman Don actually respects.

Though I think Mathnet's on to something. If you thought Betty was bad, wait till you get a load of married Megan.

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On In Defense of the Season Finale of "Mad Men"

Oh and Megan's brunette, the anti-Betty.

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On In Defense of the Season Finale of "Mad Men"

Season 5 plot point?

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On In Defense of the Season Finale of "Mad Men"

I felt the same as Titty, at first. But then I realized why Don wanted Megan.

Faye was really pushing Don to come to terms with his past. This whole season was about, among other things, the "Don Draper" persona starting to wear thin. Don's been forcing his stolen identity out into the open more and more. In the season premiere, he's forced to explain who Don Draper is, something he's never had to do before now. Not to mention, all the other cast members are now linked to his name/persona through SCDP. His fake identity's on the fucking door for the world to see.

The business really starts to die when Don begins to over do it and starts accepting/stealing shit copy. Meanwhile, Don is trying to take control of the "Draper" persona by forcing the hard work and discipline of the old "Whitman" way of life (i.e. the swimming for hard work and the journal for introspective soul searching/self-loathing). But these don't work.

He was becoming Betty in a way.

A situation would pop up. It would be nothing big, like when he had to fill out some paperwork for the government with his fake name on it, and he had a literal panic attack and force the firm to give up business (what? he didn't pay his taxes, buy a house, or start a business as Don Draper?).

Faye would have had him take a long hard look and make hard decisions and choose between the two lives. But with Megan, it's like the spilled milk shake. No use getting upset over little shit. And to Don, Dick Whitman is becoming little shit. Megan is how he makes peace with who he was and who he wants to be. Now, he can just go be Don Draper and Dick Whitman is his "nickname...sometimes."

Or you know. I could be wrong.

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On In Defense of the Season Finale of "Mad Men"

I can deal with (nay welcome!) a dissenting opinion. TV dramas are a waste of time (as you conceded are sports), but this is Mad Men baby! This is a whole different level of story telling.

Still, I don't think your commenting here is "asshole behavior". Who knows maybe after seeing the conversation, you'll quietly go home one night in late February and pick up an old episode and become a fan. Alright...not likely, but comment all you want.

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On In Defense of the Season Finale of "Mad Men"

But not the interwebs. I think it's because people like Don more and he is our guide in this world (though he is an untrustworthy guide who lies to us from time to time), so people care more about what he's doing.

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On Four Writers Explain How They're Writing Novels

@Bookish: I found your points to be insightful and helpful. I know in my own experience that sometimes I am too close to a story to see what I've done well and what I haven't. I have to take time away (not writing at all) and come back to see what needs to be rewritten or discarded completely (including my grammar and word choice). As for writing long hand on paper: I began doing this to engender a sense of nostalgia for the great writers of yore, but quickly found that my first draft is always better scribbled out with corrections and doodles in the margins. The clicky thingy with the buttons and the electricity helps me polish my thoughts. But that's just me. Others are assuredly different.

@Matthew: This is great. I can't wait for more. Seriously. I want more now!

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On Horror Chick: ‘Let Me In’ and the Blessed Vampire Redemption

This is also my hope. I've told my niece and her teeny friends that they should all go see it. And, being the great uncle I am, have offered to buy their tickets and the essentials: popcorn, sodas, candy, blow, etc. Hopefully the true horrifying (and awesome) nature of vampires will catch on.

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