On Ask Polly: I Was Dumped After a Freak Accident and I Can't Move On

LW, you are not to blame for this. He's just that super special kind of toxic asshole who finds good people and convinces THEM that they're the toxic asshole, so that he can do whatever he wants. You are WELL RID OF HIM. Feel bad for this poor 23 year old who he is going to mess up as badly as he did you.

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On Ask Polly: If I Dump My Needy Girlfriend, I'm Afraid I'll Ruin Her Life!

How in the hell did you move in with this girl when you have NOTHING IN COMMON?

P.S. Get over yourself, you breaking up will not be the end of her life.

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On Ask Polly: These Tortured Intellectual Boys Are Torturing Me!

I will take all the "boring" guys who like to talk about cable dramas all the time, you can keep your intellectual types.

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On A Handy Test for Reddit Users: Are You on the Internet Right Now?

Oh my sweet fucking Christ

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On The Murders And The Journalists

@ghechr YES

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On The Murders And The Journalists

Wow, I can't believe they botched the crime scene that badly and nobody declared a mistrial. There isn't enough actual proof either way to make a conviction, in my opinion. The only reason I am leaning towards MacDonald's version of events actually being true is because it's so crazy and specific. Isn't there an expression that's like, "It's so crazy it has to be true"?

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On Other Things Missouri Representative Todd Akin Believes To Be True About The Uterus, Besides Its Ability To "Shut Down" A Legitimate Rape

@City_Dater Teeth come separately: http://www.istudymedicine.com/anti-rape-condoms-for-women

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On 'Clan Of The Cave Bear': Neanderthal Fan Fic

Fun story called I inherited these books from a dead aunt. But I haven't read them yet. NOW I MIGHT HAVE TO. If I can remember where they are.

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On Photos of Sara: The Fake Stalker and His Secret Tumblr

Me and my actual friends had an actual physical book about these boys that we knew over the internet from England, and it was pink, and called a "stalker book" and hilarious. I think they did eventually get it one day. Or at least saw it. They knew about it the whole time though.

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On 'Confessions of a Shopaholic': If Patricia Highsmith Wrote Chick Lit

She so needs to play that Shame game that was on The Hairpin yesterday. That would set her straight. Maybe.
Also omg yes Downton is amazing words cannot describe!!

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