On Which Kind Of Annoying Contrarian Are You?

Isn't a certain, contrarian sensitivity required for publications like this to exist? One has to rise above the mound of conventional wisdom one way or another.

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On Maybe Sex Is The Least Fun Thing Two People Can Do

I remember saying sex was overrated at a hack circle in college, and the guys to the left and to the right immediately backed away, like they were afraid they'd be associated with such heresy, maybe come down with whatever disease I had. Outward exclamations of enthusiasm for sex are their own kind of ideology, and not very well justified on the merits.

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On The Firehose Of Certainty

I think it's one thing to try to provide an explanation for why you might feel the way you do about a painting or something. Such explanations are basically theories and subject to all the epistemological problems associated with theory. But it's another to not be sure how you feel about something in the first place. Maybe, some of the time, we aren't sure what to say. But that is in itself a perfectly valid reaction. One shouldn't feel a particularly onerous evidential burden when all one has to say is that everything in the Land's End catalog can burn in hell.

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On Try Not To Get Too Worked Up

There was a year where I had the day shift when Fall fell back, and a night shift when Spring sprung forward. I've been paying for the hour I stole from Father Time ever since.

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On How Did 'Forrest Gump' Ever Beat Out 'Pulp Fiction' For Best Picture?

Reading this was almost cathartic.

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On Conservatives Bravely Blame Everything, Especially Romney, For Romney's Loss

The basic suckiness of Romney really should be on this list somewhere. If Republicans had bothered to nominate a person who entertained some ideological consistency, they could have had a shot. Like the other Mormon, or hell, even Tim Pawlenty, loath as I am to suggest such a thing. Presidential races are won by personality, and Mitt Romney doesn't have one.

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On New York City, August 28, 2012

I detect the whiff of an Ezra Pound riff.

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On Drinking While Pregnant

@nomorecheese The reason this article exists is because of people like you.

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On Drinking While Pregnant

@nomorecheese The reason this article exists is because of people like you.

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On Drink Tea And Die

Basically, every guy who lives long enough gets prostate cancer. I did not expect tea drinking to correlate so well with healthy lifestyles though. Is it possible to gain the benefits just by drinking the tea? Rather than, you know, exercising?

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