I am overly fond of Choire Sicha. That other one is okay too, I guess.

On Oysters Shucked

@KarenUhOh If they're gonna take the comments away from us, I'm glad we're going down fighting. That was sublime, Karen.

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On Why Do People Do It In The Women's Room?

@BadUncle "tend to be ..." was a deliberate choice of words on my part

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On Why Do People Do It In The Women's Room?

@Brendan O'Connor@facebook It was a real God damned ladder. (He was fine, he managed to stay on the thing and continue his performance while making the VERY WISE CHOICE to leave me the fuck out of it.)

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On Why Do People Do It In The Women's Room?

@Brendan O'Connor@facebook A be-costumed person of any sort on stilts is marginally worse than a person on stilts wearing street clothes but really the terror margin is negligible. AND OH GOD DON'T GET ME STARTED ON MIMES. I once assaulted a mime, and I'm not even sorry for it. (He harassed me first, so I pushed his stupid ladder. While he was on it.)

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On Why Do People Do It In The Women's Room?

Oh well? They tend to be cleaner, and also then you're not doing it next to a urinal. (Urinals terrify me almost exactly as much as do people on stilts, and people on stilts are to me what scary clowns are to the rest of the world.)

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On Dark Times For Dark Lord

It's interesting that, at a time when sites are eliminating comments and the trend is to write posts with pictures instead of units of language, Denton is doubling down on words. (Kinja, as an editor/CMS, makes the use of photos within posts quite difficult. It's not as bad if you're using Kinja as a commenting platform, and Nick seems to make a distinction between the two, hence.) I quite like words! So that's mostly a good thing, though it is way more frustrating than it need be to include illustrative images, that are separate from the incredible artwork we're provided with, in posts.

(Look, I see the writing on the wall and know that our time here as commenters is limited so just humor me, I'm feeling nostalgic for 2010.)

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On The End Of Comments

@KarenUhOh I often find myself wondering if Spinderella still has that Treo.

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On The End Of Comments

@Brendan O'Connor@facebook In my mind, Choire made him do this.

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On The End Of Comments

I still, for the most part, enjoy the comments on things I write—which is saying A LOT, given where I write. It's frustrating, however, to be subject to the "silencing effect" that negative comments have on writers, i.e. that you truly just CANNOT respond to them even when doing so can clear up a misperception, misunderstanding or address flawed information that a person is trying to insist is true and that your audience might take as gospel because there's this sense that a commenter correcting a columnist is the one who is in the right. Sometimes that's the case, but most often that person is dead wrong and yet? There's no truck in attempting to respond because no one wins in a comment (or twitter) war.

Related: No, Jezebel Commenter, Goo Gone does NOT remove silicone buildup from wood but thanks for playing and also while I have you, NO Jezebel should not hire a cleaning expert who has a PhD in Chemistry. That is an absolutely fucking ridiculous thing to suggest; if you have a PhD in Chemistry PLEASE do something better for the world than what it is that I do.

Sorry, really have wanted to get that out of my system.

ANYway. On the flip side of that, I also enjoy sites that have a robust commenting community and find it sad when that peters out. I've enjoyed being part of what was once a really fun and smart and sometimes incredibly insane commenting community here and at The Hairpin and have been sad to see that fall by the wayside. Though I suspect that the editors are thrilled to have effectively silenced the commenters, and it's their site, so what I feel about it doesn't matter at all really. If it happened while I was still contributing to the Network I would have been wicked bummed, but I still retain an incredibly vocal (oh my God, so vocal!) audience so in practice the lack of comments here has no effect other than to tug at my sentimental heartstrings from time to time.

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On How Bookstores Survive

@Brendan O'Connor@facebook It was good, thanks! I did a dramatic reading of a Valleywag comment thread that lasted for TWO HOURS and managed to keep my audience with me. Good times. (Though I'm a lil' jeals that Choire got a visit from the knife truck and I didn't!) How was your weekend?

Related: Stockholm Syndrome is a hell of a thing, isn't it?

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