On All the New Yorker Story Roundups You Should Read While the Stories Are Still Unlocked, As Well As All the New Yorker Stories They Link To

Saunders's great "Jon" was published in 2003, not 2013.

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On Stop Paying Attention To The Moon

Is it OK if I went out at 3am just to look at it?

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On What Are Those Crazy Sounds In The New Classical Music? And How Does One Write Them Down?

ADVANCE warning, not "advanced."

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On Video Amusing

reluctant to watch, not "reticent to watch"

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On Weiner Takes All: A Panel Discussion of People Named Weiner and Wiener

You guys really missed the boat in not getting any Wyners in on this discussion. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=wyner

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On How Are We To Listen To Contemporary Classical Music?

@riggssm No, it just means recently written music in the classical tradition.

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On Try Not To Get Too Worked Up

@Alex Balk So fix the post! "...so at least it won't be so dark when you get off work."

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On Why We Need Best Supporting-Supporting Actor & Actress Categories

@mcleodglen yeah

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On Why We Need Best Supporting-Supporting Actor & Actress Categories

Richard Jenkins wasn't in "A Serious Man."

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On David Mamet, Fairy Godmother

@Aubray Flounders@facebook That's right: the line has neither participles nor grammatical errors of any kind.

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