On Fall Preview

Don't forget my super fun Halloween Party!

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On Put Your Phone Down

I don't recall you so tall.

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On Change Comes From Within Website

@BadUncle Don't be an Aleatory Alex.

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On Jobs, Jobs, Jobs


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On Fashion Blogging Used To Be About The Fashion, Man

This comment is totally about me.

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On You're Not A Doctor And Even If You Were You Would Still Suck

@libmas She suffers from Inverted Personality Syndrome.

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On I Miss Tokens

The countdown clocks let me knows exactly when my funds will disappear!

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On Don't Mention The Rats

I pretend my yoga mat isn't filthy with ebola fungus. It's better that way.

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On We Can't Spend Ourselves Rich Anymore

@deepomega Nope, fellow worker, I read on.

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On This Week Is Almost Over, I Promise

"I was irate. In a place like Park Slope, it’s culturally insensitive."
And that's when I went straight to the comments.

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