On The Proper Way For A Post-Punk Legend To Begin An Email

To whom it may concern,
I approve of your video selections here. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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On The Highly-Authentic Ghost of Townes Van Zandt

something something something Townes Van Zandt something something something. I was tricked into clicking on this post thinking it was about Townes Van Zandt.

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On Penis-Haver Underestimates How Much Chicks Like To Buy Stuff

second that

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On Has Anyone Ever Been Happy In A Duane Reade?

WHAT?! that's exactly WHY I seek out a CVS (& recently they've been increasing the # of self service machines to my utter delight) I MUCH much rather scan my own merchandise at 1000x the speed & half the hassle than it would take to stand in line and then be subjected to the utter apathy & resentment of disgruntled drugstore employees. give me a self checkout machine any day!

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On Gerry Rafferty, 1947-2011

Alex Balk has a tumblr? for some reason I'm surprised by this?

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On From The Makers Of Death Bear

I'd like to punch something.

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On Weather, We Have Some

its supposed to go back up to 70 next wk!

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On Tiny Tiny Changes Happen to Website

ugh. no. don't like this new font.

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On Marijuana Legalization Explained

mary jane ice cream trucks is something I can get behind.

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On Just In Case, Keep Fingers Crossed for 'Sex and the City 3D'

keep fuckin that chicken, Michael Patrick King.

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