By bureaucrab on Ask Polly: I Feel Bitter About All Of My Exes And I Can't Get Over It!

The advice to LW1 is the best advice I've ever read. I have much more I could say, but it's all fluff so I'll just leave it at that.

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By fabel on Ask Polly: Give Me One Reason Why I Shouldn't Cheat On My Wife

Everyone has said it already, but I can't resist: LW1, you are a fucking dick. Not because you want to cheat on your wife, but because of the whole icky tone of the entire letter---from "I'm a man, so believe me, my dick needs to be in things " to "I have come to the convenient conclusion that my wife would be okay with me fucking other women, as long as she doesn't actually know about it" (effectively removing all of your wife's autonomy)

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By teenie on Ask Polly: Give Me One Reason Why I Shouldn't Cheat On My Wife

the misconception that women have lower sex drives than men makes my teeth curl... especially when used as a "reason" for men to cheat.

woman who sexually burns her husband out on the reg, and takes the time to let him know how important sex is to her and work it out, instead of cheating on him

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By cardiganboots on Ask Polly: Give Me One Reason Why I Shouldn't Cheat On My Wife

LW #1 imagines he is Don Draper, is probably actually Pete Campbell.

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By kim_krypto on 'IT': Seriously, Guys, Get Out Of Maine Before You Die Terribly

I found the book on a shelf at a family friend's house when I was about 10. I read the first scene with the clown in the sewer and put it the f*&^ down, never to be reopened. Those few pages seared themselves in my brain and put me off sewers and clowns for good.

Tim Curry is still hot to me from Rocky Horror - I should probably not watch the movie, huh?

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By Julnyes on 'IT': Seriously, Guys, Get Out Of Maine Before You Die Terribly

Read it as a 12 year old who at the time had a strange love of clowns (and unicorns on rainbows). Loved them so much I had a clown poster on my wall. At some point while laying in bed at night reading this book I realized the horrible error of my ways and took the poster down. Haven't really been comfortable with clowns since that book.

Additionally - Tim Curry as The Clown terrifies me, Tim Curry as Dr. Frank n Furter attracts me and Tim Curry as Darkness both attracts and terrifies me. I have very complicated feelings about that man.

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By deepomega on Wisdom Teeth

@Mr. B They're just waiting. Biding their time. Your wisdom teeth may be TOO wise.

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By hershmire on Is Brooklyn Better? Has Manhattan Gotten Worse? Revisiting NY Mag's "I Hate Brooklyn" Article Seven Years Later

"I don't like Brooklyn because the buildings aren't tall and it reminds me of poor people."

Please, please stay in Manhattan.

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By Gef the Talking Mongoose on 'Rebecca': The Real Housewives Of Cornwall County

I assume you've all seen the "Rebecca prequel" bit from That Mitchell and Webb Look, because seriously it continues to crack me up.

"Well, here we are at Manderley Hall!"
"Why Maxim, it's everything I hoped it would be! You know, we simply must hold the most wonderful party!"
"Why Maxim, whatever is it? Are you unhappy?"
"No, Rebecca, I was just wondering what my second wife is going to be like. I bet she'll want to ... hold a party, too."


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By mrschem on What Movies Make You Ignore Everything Else?


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