On Here Is What's Killing You Today

No. Next.

I am proud that we Brits lead the world in press idiocy.

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On Knifecrime Island Is Your Grandmother

My most common daily gripe is about the Daily Mail and its bitter, twisted, bile-laden readership. It doesn't make me fun to be around, but should qualify me for some sort of Hero status come the revolution.

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On British Penises Are Poorly

"Kate Copstick, owner of The Erotic Review and author of Sex In The Recession, said relationships are suffering across the country." Kate Cocktips, surely?

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On Knifecrime Island's Embrace Of Fiscal Restraint

"And the British love it."

Says who? Anne Applebaum is full of shit.

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On Britain's Number Two School Beats America's Number One

No, those are the equivalent of New Jersey.

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On Britain's Number Two School Beats America's Number One

Probably a knife-edge decision, though.

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On Who Is Britain's Ugliest Woman? All Of Them!

I'm with Azhar from London: "who say, don't branded ten spoil egg is bad but you still have hundred good egg".

52 Mail readers unaccountably disapproved of this comment, but what do they know?

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On Howard Jacobson For Beginners

So you don't just read the Mail Online, then?

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On Farewell, ASBO, You Were Too Gimmicky For This World

And stand up to wardrobe misdemeanours and operatic sex, presumably. Can't rely on the government to do anything for us these days.

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On Russia Has A Drunk-Drowning Epidemic

'I don't really have a funny name for Russia to go with this because somehow this seems sadder than English people stabbing each other constantly, though it's probably not.'
Lightweight. We have this on Knifecrime Island too. We call it drinking the pond. How we laugh!

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