On Name That Los Angeles Neighborhood!

@BadUncle Considering it left downtown in the mid-1980s, you've been a mess for some time! Maybe it will help to know it's been back up, now in Highland Park (On Fig between Aves. 55 and 56), since 2007.

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On Remember The Cassingle?

@City_Dater Well, the B-side for the 7" single I had was "A Man Could Get Arrested," which I remember because, in the chorus, the words "do it" were emphasized numerous times, and to 10-year-old me, "it" was SEX. I was worried that my mother would hear it and think the same thing (and ... what? Who knows; I was 10), so I didn't play it very often.

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On My Life Without A Cell Phone: An Amazing Tale Of Survival

THIS. Just because people can call you doesn't automatically mean they can REACH you. Owning (and carrying) a phone does not mean you have to be a slave to it.

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On A Micro-Review of a Movie from Last Year

Ugh! 'UP' is my least-favorite movie from Pixar. I even liked 'Cars' better, and that movie was garbage. The only thing I have to add to Choire's micro-review is, how was the baddie explorer man still ALIVE? He would have been about 150 years old, yeah?

They should have kept the original idea, where he had found the Fountain of Youth and therefore had not only a reason to be still alive, but something actually to DEFEND. What was he defending in the released version? Nothing! He was just crabby, which was at least one crabby old man too many.

It wouldn't have made up for the fact that the kid and the old man were equal parts annoying, but at least the story would have tied together better.

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On President Whacks Man In Groin

Keep it classy, Sports.

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On The Great Baltimore Earthquake of July 16, 2010

"You fill out a little questionnaire, clearly going up the scale in seriousness: did things fall off shelves? did your furniture fall over? did heavy appliances fall over? did your chimney fall over?"

Actually, they ask the same question about west coast earthquakes ... I'm not sure most people fill them out, but they do collect the Mercalli information.

I know this because I'm a nerd and complete the survey for the ones I feel.

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On A Sports Column Unlike Any Other

I'm with you on this. If the factors he mentions in his lede are equal with deprivation, than I am just as 'deprived' as Ms. Dugard was during her captivity. However, I feel that the opposite is actually true.

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