On Ask Polly: I Feel Violently Ambivalent About My Boyfriend... So Should We Get Married?

Change a few circumstantial details and LW1 is saying everything that is on my heart.

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On HAIM, "The Wire"

I like the spirit these girls have.

Their musical style to me is what I can only describe as excessively 80's... seems more like emulation than an expression of musical individuality.

Clearly I think about these things a lot.

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On Ask Polly: I Can't Resist Great Sex With My Crazy Ex!

Need to say that this is the single most helpful lump of advice I have gotten in a very long time. I am very much like both of the LW's. And super classic borderline, like EW. Maybe LW1 has a little Borderline too. Polly, you actually opened up a thick gray cloud and let in a little sunshine which is a BIG deal for me in the past year. Thanks.

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On The Best Of The New York Times' Pug Journalism

Why is this an article?

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On Normal-Sized Women Were Once Considered Attractive, Says Difficult-To-Believe Report

Make no mistake here: The women in their day wanted big boobs and curvy hips. Stomach fat and cellulite were as "out" then as they are now. Granted, the silhouette was softer all around and was definitely more forgiving. The period in which the curvaceous figure was ideal was pretty short lived. Women in the 20's wanted slim, boyish figures. Before then, they went as far as remoing ribs to have a teeny tiny waist. The "pinip" figure was "it" for only about 25 years or so, and over by the time Twiggy came along. This video is insipid and misinformed. A pathetic sophomoric attempt at delivering valid information.

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On 'Spider-Man' And 'Prometheus': The Not-Even-Mildly-Amazing Blockbusters Of Summer

@nomorecheese I think these hipster ppl need to realize that Prometheus is carrying on the tradition of a generation-old cult status film sequence and it is catered to a specific audience. Sorry you didn't like it as much as Friends with Benefits...

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On 'Spider-Man' And 'Prometheus': The Not-Even-Mildly-Amazing Blockbusters Of Summer

I am REALLY picky about movies - I only like very few - and I really liked Prometheus. I thought it was one of the best movies I've ever seen. I only have to look at the pictures of Emma Stone and that goofy guy wearing the Spiderman suit to know that I will hate Spiderman.

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On Drinking While Pregnant

@metoometoo If you are even thinking about possibly endangering your child because you can not cope with life/pregnancy without marijuana, you have a dependency and are unfit for raising a small child.

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On Drinking While Pregnant

@petejayhawk That's a really mature response. I suppose that you would like to endanger your own future child by drinking or encouraging the mother to drink? Complete irresponsibility and selfishness.

Go fuck yourself too!

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On Drinking While Pregnant

Um. I am going to unabashedly say that this is fucking awful. Why the hell would you write this article and publish it? Your baby hasn't even been born yet, hasn't been screened for preschool, etc - you can not tell us with any certainty that your baby will not suffer from your careless behavior. I'm also going to venture to say that you may have a drinking problem. Whatever the case may be, you need to seriously re-evaluate your priorities because motherhood is going to require you to put someone else ahead of yourself.

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