On Is Impossible Pie Impossible?

for once i want to see the words "crack pie" on the white board above the dessert table at the church supper. this was a fun read. hurrah for pie crust nazis!

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On Some Advice for Young People

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On Some Advice for Young People

The the nasty email was indeed a waste of my energies, but that Tumblr joke was gold. EAT IT, jerkbrains.

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On Against Gift Giving

@razorgrin i don't have sex, i just buy it for other people's children.

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On Against Gift Giving

I take issue with a few things here. There's nothing wrong with buying sex for a teen on Christmas. The immaculate transaction. Also, I want a bonus and a raise, boss! In exchange, you get this internet comment. You're welcome!!

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On Six Alternates For Time's "Person Of The Year," Five Good Rap Videos, And One Great Heavy Metal Video

went straight to the sabbath video. i'm sure those are some good rap videos though.

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On 'Satyagraha' and Occupy Lincoln Center, Last Night

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> #operaisnotjustforthe1%/OLDS!!!! "It bears repeating: at the Met, the most expensive opera tickets are indeed expensive, but you can stand behind the orchestra section—or even sit at the upper reaches of the house—for less than the cost of an IMAX showing at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 multiplex up the road. This persistent fiction of "elitism," and contemporary classical music's supposed inaccessibility, is one of the strongest propagandistic tools ever devised by the titans of corporate pop culture."

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On Finally, Something On The Upper West Side More Annoying Than Jews


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On Sherlock Holmes And The Adventure Of The Impudent Scholars

Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. The “Mrs. Hudson” recognition is a touch offensive, but I can't help loving the very notion of the BSI. Without Doyle we would have no Greene or le Carre or Christie or Tey. He was the master. An interesting note: when I was in Edinburgh the Doyle statue was positively covered in pigeon poo. It's almost as if the Scots neglect him purposefully; they resent him because he's been snatched away by so many others. Obvs, the statue in London is pristine. (For the record the best onscreen Holmes is Jeremy Brett. Do not argue with me.) Thanks again for such a great piece!

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