On 20 Years After 'Achtung Baby '

My friends and I used to play "name a U2 song that isn't about Jesus". It's simply stunning that you can write this much about Bono lyrics of that era without mentioning Christianity. Bono moans and whines about thorns and stone and you think of S&M? Really? When Bono isn't singing about Jesus he's singing in the first person AS Jesus! Jesus Fucking Christ! The first three songs on Joshua Tree are entirely about faith or a crisis therein; their mass appeal lies in the fact that they are written in the language of romantic love.

Airtight proof against the contention that good Christian rock is possible.

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On A Supposedly True Thing Jonathan Franzen Said About David Foster Wallace

1. Franzen : Wallace :: ___________

A. The New Yorker : Harper's
B. Salieri : Mozart
C. Donovan : Dylan
D. Ronaldo : Messi
E. All of the above

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