On The Cordial Enmity Of Joan Didion And Pauline Kael

I love "On Self-Respect" more than I love my hypothetical future children, but I've a feeling that if I were Joan's friend, I'd be tempted to say "Chillax, yo" a lot.

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On The Replacements 1984-1987, In Order

"Waitress in the Sky" only 25? You're insane.

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On Why Minnesota Mothers Are Doing Pretty Good

True, though in my family "interesting" saved you from having to articulate an opinion on anything that was in any way provocative. Could be good, could be bad, but best of all is we just don't think about it!

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On Why Minnesota Mothers Are Doing Pretty Good

Oh my GOD. This is good. Or, you know, in MN parlance, "interesting." Or "something." (Usage: "Isn't that something!" Typical response: "Yes. And did you see how much snow they got up in Blaine?")

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On "Marriage is lye poured upon the petri dish of the new relations of erotic sociality."

Funny, this, because I'd heard that Mark Greif was engaged. Engaged to be married. If not already married.

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On Garden State Conservatives Wonder If Barack Obama Is The Anti-Christ

In Left Behind (yes, I've actually read it), the Anti-Christ is a youthful, tall, good-looking smooth operator who yammers on a lot about hope and unity and is altogether impressive. Then you figure that millions of Americans don't read that book as fiction, or who see it as "fiction" in service of a broader truth...and you get polls like this.

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