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By pissy elliott on Why Do People Do It In The Women's Room?

I am very interested at all of you saying that women's rooms are cleaner. I've had three jobs that included "terlit cleaning" in their description, and that is contrary to my experience. I assume people use the ladies' room for boning because it's all stalls.

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By Gef the Talking Mongoose on The End Of Comments


Alternate take : (cat gif)

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By MisterHippity on Gays Assassinate CEO

@17crash Wow, they had bumper stickers peeled off their cars, and honey dripped on their homes? That sounds pretty horrible all right.

I'm sure that intolerant straight people have never subjected any gay people to any abuse as horrible as THAT.

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By Niko Bellic on Gays Assassinate CEO

@17crash How do you expect people to take you seriously when you post such incoherent hateful drivel?

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By Kevin Knox on Gays Assassinate CEO

@17crash Does the Heritage Foundation also keep a record of anti-gay vandalism and violence? Or anti-Obama vandalism and violence? Or anything else that doesn't fit neatly within their narrow worldview?

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By pissy elliott on Gays Assassinate CEO

@Kendall there is a fundamental difference between someone in a public position (a CEO is the public face of in this case, a charitably supported organization) being ousted for beliefs incongruous with the org's mission and sexual minorities being hounded for their private lives. if you can't see the difference, you are likely suffering from a common cognitive deficiency known as "heterosexuality"

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By abd5a171a8000000 on This Week Is Almost Over, I Promise

That's the bed bug theater BTW.

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By Nabonwe on How To Teach Creative Writing To Undergrads While Being A Feminist Harpy

@Mignon Kitsune Barnett@facebook Well aren't you charming.

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By saythatscool on Mt. Gox Topples

@BadUncle You'll get nothing and like it!

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By Ralph Haygood on Oh, The Dog Knows How You Feel

It isn't just that your dog *knows* how you feel, it's that your dog *cares* how you feel. Your cat may also know, but it may well not care. After all, you exist for its comfort and amusement, not the other way around, however comforting and amusing you may find it.

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