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On Why Do People Do It In The Women's Room?

@jolie "Cleaner?" Please. Not when women play hovercraft over toilet seats.

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On Dark Times For Dark Lord

@jolie Picture my response in animated gif format.

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On Let's Briefly Mention That Unpleasant Thing That Happens Today

I'm in a post-check-writing stupor that I hope to replace with one made of liquor.

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On Small Awl Old

Say "no" to see-say.

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On The End Of Comments

@jolie I have to agree about critical responses to articles. I've been guilty of it, though I try to remember to not be an asshole. Maybe all commenting dialogue boxes should have mouse type saying "Don't be that jerk."

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On The End Of Comments

I started commenting years ago on Gawker and a couple of its sister pubs. At the time, it seemed to offer the same opportunity for clever banter and occasional insight one used to find on the pre-Web Intertubes, while also mutating normal civility by the same false intimacy. Worse, anonymity with a democratic medium gives a megaphone to every crank in a crowd. When Gawker's readership floodgates burst, standards for wit eroded. I think the lesson here is you don't have to flog traffic by lowering the bar to entry for the commentariat.

These days, about the only commenting in which I participate (reading or writing), is on Awl pubs and IO9. And also Etsy, because, you know, doilies.

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On I Miss Tokens

When you get that guv'mint-issued EZ-Pass barcode on your forehead, you can just breeze through the subway turnstiles to get your free abortions and cheese. All hail Natas!

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On Who's Looking Out For Jasper Johns?

Former ad man, author and musical saw maestro Bob Pritikin collects fakes (as well as real art). He has master works that were quickly commissioned by European galleries to fool Nazis, while the real works were hidden in caves. http://www.sfgate.com/art/article/Catching-up-with-Bob-Pritikin-at-his-museum-4367451.php

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On 43 Crucial Facebook Button Additions

Pardon me while mark my territory on your thoughts.

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