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On Death to Negronis

@BadUncle The Feds have an actual definition for licensed "neutral spirits." They have to be flavorless. If not, they're not "neutral." Accordingly, all plain, grain vodka should taste identically - though connoisseurs insist they each have their own nuance. Maybe so, but the minute you throw in vermouth or tonic or tomato juice, you may as well buy the squeeze bottles of Popov.

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On How Not to Let Your Small Child Pee in a Public Park

I'm letting my dog run around grass which a child has marked? The horror, the horror.

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On Death to Negronis

@Matt Buchanan By the same token, bourbon would be a neutral spirit flavored with a seasoned oak cask - also a kind of plant stuff.

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On Death to Negronis

Good article about a drink to be consumed by a motor-scooter rider wearing a fez and smoking with a cigarette holder. I had a serious thing for negronis in the 90s, when WFMU's Irwin Chusid and Joseph Lanza (author of "Elevator Music"), DJ'd loungecore at a weekly bar event. According to those guys, the negroni was as much an American old man beverage as the martini, though it was discarded with WWII (Campari being an Axis liqueur, of course). One quibble: gin is not a "neutral spirit." By definition, a neutral spirit is effectively flavorless, and gin is anything but.

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On What to Say to a Man in a Short-Suit

I'm glad to see that no matter which writer tackles the subject, the Awl retains its laser focus on aesthetic horror of grown men in shorts.

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On A Mayor, Unworthy

Marty Markowitz should call him up for a Zumba date.

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On Human vs. Citi Bike: New York's Secret Struggle

The sort of problem we don't see in South Brooklyn.

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On The Dangers of Playing 'Magic: The Gathering' in Public

@My Number Is My Address Oh do fuck off, mom. That two adult men are concerned about strangers playing cards is no redemption for who is more weepy and about it.

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On Is Your Internet Rude and Broken Yet?

If there were actual competition between land-based providers, you'd see better interwebs. Thanks Cable and Telecom 1997 "summer of love" agreement for dividing the nation like the 5 families did NYC.

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On How to Make a Good Salad Without Dumb Leaves

This is one of the few Awl pieces which rally the forces of righteousness. I, for one, stand with my brothers in tossing the leaf-free salad.

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