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On Symmetry Cruel

So, either existence precedes essence, or I stay on Lexapro.

Posted on July 28, 2014 at 12:10 pm 0

On 2015 Summer Movie Forecast: Desert Explosions With a Chance of Good

For me, the unsettling nature of the trailer is the big-budget beauty of a mythology growing out of low-fi, punk-rock Ozsploitation sci-fi campiness. This balances beautifully with an utter dearth of Mel Gibson, creating an artistic tension that will, one hopes, allow us to forget the word "Ozsploitation."

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On Man Vs. Word

By contrast, absorbing content through speed eating is a proven fact.

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On "Freaky" Employed

They misspelled the history gland they're touching.

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On Six Essential Hobby Lobby Products (And Where To Buy Them Now)

I'd never even heard of Hobby Lobby until this came down. More importantly, I didn't know you could buy a disembodied doll face, and now need a gross of them. Those thing are going on everything! Make everything creepy!

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On How I Got My iPhone to Finally Let Me Swear

Seriously, how is "fisting" not on there?

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On The Case for Drunk Texting Mom

Look, FWIW, I'm willing to text anybody's mom about anything, at anytime. I'm there for you. And your mom.

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On Gentrification Eats Its Own

I don't care about the ebb and flow of urban population tides. What really disturbs me is that photo. What the hell is that?? It looks like a boiled, gangrenous thumb, served on a bed of Gowanus effluent, and drizzled with fire coral.

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On How Not to Let Your Small Child Pee in a Public Park

@hershmire Yes, 9 million people do carry a great deal of urine. And there are what - 3? - public toilets for all of us?

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On New Subway Line to Connect Brooklyn and Some Other Borough

I'd be perfectly happy for a rope-tow from Flatbush to Redhook.

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