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On Curator Analyzed

Mike Godwin needs an exhibit.

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On Intrepreneurial Disrupters Zig Towards Taco Innovation

If they really want to delayer authenticism in dine-ality, they need agile tiger teams to peel the onion, and bring to the table a granular deconstruction of tongue enablers, such as the Mexicanita Grande Fajita Siracharita with Real Hershey's Molé™.

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On Finally, A Website Where Parents Can Vent Their Frustrations

No "Burn It Down" tag?

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On Ugh, On Top Of Everything Else The Magnetic Field Is Gonna Flip Over Or Whatever?

What indeed will happen? I'm sure we'll be able to control the NSA with the fillings in our teeth.

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On Camille Paglia Still Doing Her Camille Paglia Thing

There's no reason it shouldn't be lowered to the same age we entrust people to make life and death decisions with firearms, grenades and rockets, not to mention the vote. The only reason it was raised in so many states was because of drunk driving. I'd much rather raise the driving age, given the number of texting-related accidents.

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On Easter In New York City

Where are the drunken Jesuscon pubcrawlers?

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On Teaching To The Brand

See Chevron acquire market share. Acquire, Chevron, acquire!

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On Remember Skywriting?

Frankly, I think this is Balk's roundabout way of selling advertising to cover the moon:


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On The Great Debeardening

It will only well-and-truly swing back when men have their necks waxed.

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On Why Do People Do It In The Women's Room?

Who doesn't dream of a Union Hall blumpkin?

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