On "Mission Impossible": I Don't Understand How Tall Everyone Is

On Jimmy Fallon last night they had some of this juju magic going on. I was maybe yelling at the television that those two are NOT the same height.

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On Who's Afraid Of Lana Del Rey?

@sunnyciegos THANK YOU FOR THIS.

You articulated my feelings perfectly!

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On 'Hollywood Wives': Shagging Movie Stars In Their Luxurious Mansions

NICOLE. How have I been skipping over these posts? I feel robbed.

Will you maybe ever talk about "The Best of Everything"?

also: Has anyone read "The Love Machine"? because it's weird and maybe one of the best trash books of all time. JUST SAYING.

But not sorry.

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On Classic Live Concert Screamers (And Me)

@Swass LikeMe I think you misspelled "annoying moron".

couldn't help it... but come on, man, STOP DOING THAT- It's not funny.

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