On Public Servant Not Properly Informed

I know it sounds crazy, but in the alternative dimension that lawyers operate in, this is a real thing. This is basically why corporations and government agencies and so on and so forth hold sexual harassment training in the first place. (It's not really to "train" people not to harass, although that's a nice side effect if it happens.)

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On "Dolphin Not Echolocating"

No, I'm good.

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On "Disagree And Still Be Friends": A Conversation With Andrew Sullivan

Thanks for this, Maria. Andrew is one of my favorite things about the internet.

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On I Broke Up With Writing (And It Feels OK)

Ha, Ron thinks that when you have children you can do things "in the night" and "after hours." As for writing, wait to do it again until you can't bear not to. (Not when you can't bear not to be perceived as a writer, which is tempting enough, but until there is a particular thing you can no longer bear not to write. I'm on this path myself. I figure the irresistible project will probably come along in no more than ten or fifteen years.

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On Drink 'Til You Explode

Well maybe just ONE more then.

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On Ask Polly: I Am Haunted By Toxic Troublemakers From My Past

Remember all of you high-functioning crazy misanthropic artist types, the world will not notice if you fail to make your art, but your kids will sure as hell notice what horrible childhoods they had so you could.

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On Is It Acceptable To Have Children?

For all you people thinking about having kids, you should know that parenthood is extremely unpleasant. (blah blah love my kids to death blah blah still a great net reduction in minute-to-minute pleasantness, at least so far three years and counting.)

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On Who Will Be the Wrongest Pundit of Them All?

I hope everyone is wrong.

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On Vote Romney For A President Hillary

Ha ha, they think we want Hillary to be president.

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On Channing Tatum Causes Reflection On The Rapid Approach Of Death

I remember watching the Grammys once and ... no, actually, I don't think I've ever watched the Grammys.

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