On An Awl Programming Note

"prolapse publishing"

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On Block More, Fix the Stupid Internet

Not happy until I can see the list of who's got me blocked.

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On Train Terrible

this is, of course, a self-fulfilling judgment, since everyone who complains about the G expects for it to be magically fixed one day after they haven't used it for two years and have done nothing to provide feedback or advocacy in favor of improving the service. According to the information collected by the MTA, the G is just fine, even improving.

It's easy for guys like Kimmelman, in particular, to take potshots from the ivory tower, on the occasion that it suits him. I must have missed his prior columns where he made a rational argument for a cost-effective G-train upgrade that would make more financial sense than bringing an entire new mode of transit into the city.

There is a way forward, and the key to expressing the absurdity here is to illustrate the part where we actually COULD fix this and we do not, and all of us are complicit.

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On Oh Man, 'True Detective,' Right?

It's a well-demonstrated fact that excellent music/scoring/SFX significantly alters our perception of visual media, in a more-engaging and enjoyable dimension. It's why music/scoring/SFX get awards in visual media industries.

Am I going to be bitter that something entertained me MORE than a similar work that cheaped out on the audio elements?

Suck it, haters

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On Meet The Awl

@Rod T
Who will awkwardly ignore my unpitched pitches?

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On The Problem With Alec Baldwin In One Easy Chart

Are we sure this isn't a Balk post?

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On Hipster Catnip Recipe Revealed

"It's that thing where one midget rolls himself in oregano, and then another furry midget licks him"
::covers face with hands::

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On Halloween Is Over


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On The End Of Food Stamps—Oh Hey That Handbag Looks Tasty

@ Bart Miller @twitter
Are you actively looking to embarrass yourself on the Internet here? Jesus effing Christ. The president from 2001-2009 definitely didn't miss ANY OF THE TEE TIMES EVER and a global financial bubble and crash that happened on his watch (and, more precisely, Alan Greenspan's watch) is the reason why so many people are food insecure. Do you realize that people can't buy anything EXCEPT food with SNAP benefits? And that the food that you can purchase is limited, in a fair way, to food that people more or less should actually eat? So the people who are drawing those benefits actually REALLY need them, and badly enough such that it's probably easier for them to work and take home income if they have a real job opportunity. (Which they don't, because we have massive unemployment/underemployment! And we're not alone on Earth with that problem, so maybe you should STOP TRYING TO DENY IT EXISTS.) BTW I have not heard a goddamn thing about food stamp abuse, and if some people (a percentage none of these GOP fuckers can ever quantify, by the way!) are faking their poverty and pulling in a couple hundred dollars under-the-table to buy glossy sneakers while they live in public housing... great, maybe those people can do that for another hundred thousand years and we might approach the level of one year's worth of corporate welfare in the United States.

There is nothing but shame here. Go strangle some infants and get the bile out of your system, you upper middle class TAX VICTIM.

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On Are We Wasting Our Final Days Talking About Cronuts?

Greg Morabito, specifically, is the one asking for something terrible to happen to all of us

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