On Meet The Awl

With the awkward pre-school years coming to an end, will those of us with low commenter numbers still be able to come here and eat paste? (PS: HI BALK, CHOIRE AND ESPECIALLY KUO!)

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On I Have Thoughts About Commenting Systems!


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On Dear Vancouver, Please Don't Boo Our National Anthem

Also, it really wasn't that long ago that American arenas would "accidentally" fly the Canadian flag upside down or get someone to sing our national anthem who didn't have a clue how it went. That's a wayyy bigger insult than a few jackass fans booing. And yes, Americans booed our anthem too. A lot. But it just galvanized us to win, and that's what we're going to do. Go Canucks! (PS: Hi Alex and Choire! Hockey makes a Hez all commenty again!)

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On Dear Vancouver, Please Don't Boo Our National Anthem

This is a non-issue, actually. As others have pointed out, we Vancouver fans just don't play that way, Behrle. It's just tacky, and we're kind of into good manners here (way more so than our sometimes brusque Montreal cousins). We often stand and sing our anthem even watching it on TV in the bar (I always do at home too), and at least where I watch it, we make sure people remove their hats for both anthems. After last night's exquisite win, the streets were predictably mental, but it was all good vibes. We shouted at a guy across the street in a Bruins jersey, but only to say "sorry!" and tell him what a good game his guys played. Montreal is about as different from Vancouver as you can get and still be part of the same land mass, so this is a really forced comparison, but I'm glad the point of the article is that you want us to win, because it is our year and this shit is totally happening. The Stanley Cup is finally coming home to Lord Stanley's park where it belongs.

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On 27 TV Shows They Killed Too Early, In Order of Heartbreak


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On The Awl Turns Two

Just because I don't comment anymore doesn't mean I don't love you people (especially you, Balk and Choire). 4/20 celebrations have just kept me quite busy for the last year or so. Happy birfs, Awl, you old trout!

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On Maggie’s Oyster Dressing

Only one person can bring me out of self-imposed commenter retirement, and that is this salty ocean pearl. Am I allowed to say I knew her when?

Although I love oysters, the euchre references inflamed my physiological intolerances as much as the thought of all that lactose and wheat gluten. (If you've ever watched the UK comedy "Nighty Night," you'd know the only thing that would make this recipe better is a stray panty liner.) Brava.

PS: Can anyone else see this story as a holiday romcom starring Matthew McConaughey? And Sandy Bullock as KUO - amirite?

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On The End of the 00s: The Dance-Off Decade, by Lindsay Robertson


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On The End of the 00s: The Dance-Off Decade, by Lindsay Robertson

Well, I remember it, and I've probably taken wayy more drugs than you.

PS: Lindsay, isn't it killing you not to know what songs they danced to? Their own? Each others'? Some holy grail retro dance-off mix that I will now have to spend the rest of my days in search of? GAH!

(Sorry. This is what happens when you don't do eggnog.)

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On Doree Returns (To Gawker)

Happy holidays to you too, asshole! xoxo

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