On My Doomed Attempt To Make Jjajangmyeon At Home

Wow. I wouldn't even try SPELLING that at home, let alone cooking it.

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On Me And My Adult Stroller

@atipofthehat I read Rats, and I loved it. Then I lent it to a friend who was too squeamish to read it, but her husband wanted to read it. I asked for it back a couple times, but eventually they got divorced and I'm pretty sure I'll never see that book again. I've actually been thinking about picking up another copy.

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On The 40-Year-Old Reversion

@teenie What I liked about this article is that it brought out so many 'pinners I haven't seen in awhile. (Myself included.) Hiiii!

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On Judging the Cats (and People) of the Santa Monica Cat Show

@ribstbbq Your cats are going to eat you in your sleep for saying that.

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On Why Yoga Can Be So Irritating (Although You Should Go Anyway!)

What about the male yoga instructors that always want to help you get "deeper into the stretch" in way that is not entirely appropriate?

And then, of course, there are the annoying devoted followers/groupies of the same male yoga instructors.

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On 11 Completely Scientific, Not At All Dubious Diets From Our Recent Past

I actually read this whole thing while eating a "Nutella & Go!" cup.

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