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On "Gravity" Is A Transcendent Piece Of Crap

I was fearing this movie for a different set of reasons, I just don't know if I can sit through 90 min of Bullock's cry-face. Now I think I'll see it because I'm not sure I can trust you after putting '2001' AFTER 'AlienS'. *WARNING Dork sh@t to follow* Alien would have been acceptable but, to me, Aliens is just gun porn with "Bugs" as bad guys... mostly. Gun porn that I deeply love but to me it's just a really good action movie with very impressive, futuristic killing toys. I wish that Face could have just made 'Starship Troopers' (but really I don't because I like the version we got) Still have the feeling I'm going to agree with you 100% though hahaha I just came out of the dork closet big time, Hello everyone!

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On The Biographies of Thomas Jefferson, International Man of Mystery

Thank you for touching on how Haiti is handled among these books, this was well written and thought out and I read it despite my strong distaste for the subject. I think you forgot one description of Jefferson that usually stands far above the others in my mind, Rapist. It's no great leap to assume that any children Jefferson sired with a slave that the Woman had no choice in the matter and I'm of a mind that a rapist should always be called out and a serial rapist...

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On John Paul II One Stunt Away From Sainthood

The whole Goddamn operation (racket?) is suspect even by their own "standards".

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On David Brooks On The Fragmentary Nature Of Truth, And Killer Mike, "Burn"

Cosign on this 100%

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On Scotch Eggs Super Hot For 2011

Oh my God...

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On David Brooks On The Fragmentary Nature Of Truth, And Killer Mike, "Burn"

Good post as usual Dave, but I just can't agree that violence is "never" the answer, it's a phrase that I have heard a great many times and a good few times I've seen it proven untrue.

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On John Paul II One Stunt Away From Sainthood

So these Nuns "prayed to" a Pope?!? when did they stop being Christians ? Because from what I remember from 19+ years of being at church or Bible study or even having read the entire bible more than once (I'm a preacher's son) that shit is not OK with the God of anyone's bible.

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On Your Bad Grades Will Make You Sick

So those most willing to receive conditioning to participate in a system in a manor which is prescribed by said system do better in aforementioned system overall?

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On What Fiona Did to Get Her Dream Job

First of all, I did not compare anyone to a "whore", I compared the person in the story to a "whore" who was angry at a John who did not offer a kindness that fell outside of the agreed upon business transaction for effect, I think there is a difference and by the way I don't look down on "whores" as you would seem to based upon the resonance of your last sentence, where is your empathy now? The metaphor was used playfully and I figure that pains you. Sorry.
It's your right to find my comment tasteless or not at all funny and You are entitled to your opinion about me as a person based on a comment on the internet. I know that in the haze of your self-seriousness and self-importance you feel empathy for the 399 poor souls you've run through the ringer for naught, but you have misplaced your self-righteous anger. In actuality if you knew me at all you'd know I have nothing but empathy for those struggling in this economy, more than you could ever know. It is the stink of entitlement that would make me grimace and feel that jokes in the neighborhood would be acceptable.
Simply because someone graduated with a major in whatever, it does not mean that they are promised work in their chosen field or work at all, because that is not the world we live in now and really never has been a world anyone has known. I love the story at the top of your screed Here's another story:
Imagine fielding countless phone calls from seasoned producers, camera people and other techs nearly twice your age looking for work because networks and other outlets are offloading them wholesale for the much cheaper and younger one man band options after decades of dedicated work, these people have children and mortgages fuck rent. And they have these things in a world where freelancer work harder at longer hours for less pay. Sometimes they are thrown to the wolves with severance packages or sometimes nothing at all. Over the phone and sometimes in person I must dismiss them with a worthless apology that truly comes from somewhere near the bottom of my heart. It has been me and can be/will be me again.

Indeed Things are TOUGH all over. I'll see your dipshit and raise you a sycophantic (because it worked so well the first time), status quo worshiping, assumptive prick who's panties bunch when the wind blows. You want to pay the rent you hustle that's how it goes for everyone. You don't always get your dream job right out of the box, in fact, that rarely happens to my knowledge. Real life is a bitch and I don't think it's out of bounds to be playful about it when confronted with wave after wave of stories about soft handed new grads bitching about practices that they participate in and regret later on.
I should say that I wholeheartedly agree with the idea presented in the article, in terms of,a call for a "return" to decency in regard to Hiring practices, not just within the job field discussed here, but across the board. Your comment structure was beautiful. Stay serious.

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On What Fiona Did to Get Her Dream Job

There's a comment with some spunk, now come sit on your favorite Uncle's lap.

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